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Wedding Photographer

Stunning Professional Wedding

My aim is to artistically document your day and that’s what I’ll do for most of it.  


Good photographic memories are timeless and priceless, and it is our belief that we provide excellent service value.

All photography is undertaken by DUILIO MARCONI.


Equipment is superior to a lot of more expensive Professional Wedding Photographers. We use high end Nikon DSLR’s with L series Lenses.

We provide a printed disc with all of your digitally images professionally retouched to ensure they look great, so you are free to print or reproduce them as you desire.


Duilio Marconi style is relaxed, creative and he's inspired by fashion and fine art photography.

He will approach your wedding as a story teller of your day.

Of course I take beautiful pictures of you, your guests and all of the details that you have spent time planning, but I also look for those little in between moments.


Prices vary according to the extent you require photography coverage of your day, and, your desired end product.



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