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My name is Duilio I was born in Roma. I studied to become a professional photographer when I moved in UK getting a foundation degree at London College of Fashion and

B.A. (Hons) in fine art photography and multimedia at Westminster University. I enjoy shooting pictures since 1990 on clubs when the rave subculture was secret. 

It was not just the music starting my passion but mainly the unique fashion style and adventurous spirit of DIY dance outfits displayed in front of my eyes. I also worked as promoter in clubs all around Italy. A seven days out of a week commitment job. In the same period I was supporting myself being a sale assistant at the Pop Shop, the brand created by american graffitist Keith Haring where I had a very deep experience of popular culture.

After my degree I trained by Kodak and worked at Fuji as a fine art printing consultant.

Photographer with the photo lab technician skill make me understand the true love of art and science photography process. Now an experienced photo journalist and documentary director of photography after I spent many years working and shooting in London. I have also been involved in many art exhibitions. Hong Kong, Stockholm, London, Rome around the UK. I have been working in the fashion industry for Giorgio Armani, Moschino, Mary Katrantzou and many other important haute couture fashion houses. I was also nominated for the award at prestigious worldwide Prix Picter Photography .

During London Fashion Week my pictures contributed to several international press reports for Elle, Vogue UK, New York Times and many more.

I have always put all my heart and soul in my work and I believe all this is clearly shown through my pictures and my commitment to the general public nowadays.


Thank you for your time in viewing my profile.


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